CASA RUSTICI Sempione, 36 - 20100 MILANO (MI)
Front overlooking Corso Sempione
Source of photograph:
• Residencial building
• Building

• Residential, services

• Private property

• Giuseppe Terragni
• Pietro Lingeri

This building is an important landmark of rational architecture in Milan. Its free plan and the opening towards the outside, the creation of hanging gardens, the stress given to the supporting structural parts, and the mock-classic balance of the composition are just some of the elements that define its rationalist nature.

The two separate units forming the building stand on a trapezoidal area and have different plans: one is rectangular and the other one is “T”-shaped.

They are interconnected by the large hanging balconies on the façade, and by an internal bridge-like unit facing the courtyard. In this composition, all fronts overlook the road, and the surrounding area can be seen from every window, even on the lowest floors. The front overlooking Sempione might be considered nonexistent, although it is the main façade: it is mostly formed by the horizontal planes of bridge-like balconies, which gives it an airy appearance. On the rear side, it is possible to see the inner courtyard and, at its very end, also the courtyard of the bordering house can be made out. The basement is reserved for offices and garages. On the mezzanine, an entrance hall, controlled from the doorman’s room, leads to the main and accessory staircases. Apartments have different layouts: there are apartments with 2, 3, 4 rooms, one with 8 rooms, and an even larger one on the top floor, with the front balcony and terraces interconnected through the unit overhanging the inner courtyard.

The supporting structure and the basement are faced with white Lasa marble, while curtain walls are orange plastered (currently they are heavily deteriorated).

How to get there:
Overground lines: 1-33-29/30-57-43; by rail: Ferrovie Nord Domodossola-Fiera station

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