Via Valtellina, 17 - 20100 MILANO (MI)
View of the main façade
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• Tertiary and Commerce
• Office building

• Private property

• Dante Benini

Part of the project has been the renovation of a building from the1960s and the construction of a new building with nine overground floors and a basement, for a total surface of 4,000 square meters.

The project is particularly interesting because of the original architectural solutions and the great care for environmental issues, with the choice to use innovative, nonpolluting materials and solutions designed for specific energy-saving purposes.

The new shape, designed by architect Benini, is the result of a specific research aimed at getting the same energy performance as in the first building within the context of the existing town-planning restrictions; the desired effect was a building that, being exposed on an open corner, “implodes” as if it is protecting itself.

Here, steel, glass and light generate a new mechanism destined to work in the present time.

Based on these objectives, the function of the sail is not just aesthetic, but it also contains and hides kilometers of systemm pipes; furthermore the terraces are hidden due to the fact that the facade has been moved back to meet the requirements of the town-planning regulations. Finally the complex does not require any cleaning or maintenance operations an unquestionable benefit for an office building. The shape of it has made it possible to arrange a garden along the road that is at the community’s disposal, and the massive tubular external structure without inside pillars has made it possible to save a lot of space.

The building’s technical systems become further decorative elements and move from the dark basement to the outdoors, under the passersby’s eyes: the pipes, the large system conduits, and the inspection walkways “run” along a wall up to the roof, covered by a steel trapezoidal shield that protects them.

Brightness, lightness and elegance are the elements characterizing the open common spaces, where people can meet not only during breaks. Considering the well-being of the people living or working in closed spaces it is essential to build cosy and motivating environments: this has translated into the choice of glass, for a continuous dialogue between inside and outside, steel, essential and modern, and warm parquet, used for the floors.

How to get there:
Overground lines: 3-4-11-7-52-70

Modern architecture in the surrounding areas:
Maciachini Centre; Italcima factory; SS Paolo e Giovanni church.

Useful information:
Telephone: 02.695561
Fax: 02.69556600


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