Piazza Einaudi, 9 - 12063 DOGLIANI (CN)
View of the library from the street
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Built in 1963 as a donation by Giulio Einaudi, in memory of his father Luigi, statesman, economist and first president of the Republic of Italy, who had died two years earlier, the Luigi Einaudi Municipal Library was created in order to re-define the modern Italian public library as a non-rhetorical but immediate tool of democracy. Bruno Zevi – who in his work «Spazi dell'architettura moderna» (1973) includes the building in a chapter on «The international influence of Wright» – designed the interior with Studio A/Z as an open structure, a single space divided up into seven subdivisions separated by central mobile shelf units which slide on rails on the ceiling to provide an auditorium seating approximately 80 people.
Designed as a model for other Einaudi libraries, a replica was built a few years later in Piedmont in the form of the library in the Fornaci di Beinasco area.

The small one-floor building is situated at the edge of the old town and directly overlooks the River Belbo. On the street side, its articulated volume defined at ground level by seven concrete walls is broken up into a series of horizontal, jutting strips of sheet metal; these strips, like the flat reinforced concrete roof, cast deep shadows that help to shield the ribbon windows that project abundant, mostly indirect, light, suitable for a reading room.
Due to its abstract decomposition into horizontal planes covered by a thin, jutting roof, but more particularly due to its small stairway and use of low cost materials, the building can be seen as a conscious reflection (and transferral into the Italian context) on the theme of F. L. Wright’s “Usonian” architecture. The project includes the design of external structures adjacent to the building.

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Open Tuesday-Saturday, 15.00 to 19.00; Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings, 09.00 to 12.00

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