Via IV Novembre, 51 - 22040 ALZATE BRIANZA (CO)
View of the principal façade
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• Tertiary and Commerce
• Office building

• Bank

• Private property

PLAN 1978 - 1979
• Adolfo Natalini
• Superstudio


The works started in June 1980 and the raw building was completed less than one year later, but the works management was so inadequate that the building was positioned in the wrong place. The works were stopped and remained still for about one year.

A new building company took over in 1982 (the same company that carried out Terragni’s War Memorial in Como). The works were restarted quickly and were over towards the end of 1983.

According to the commissioner’s directives, the lot destined for the bank is an oblong rectangle; the building had to contain the main hall, the boardroom, the offices, the underground caveau, and the watchman’s house. Moreover, it had to convey a clear image of solid wealth and a modern business attitude, in accordance with the local social-economic tradition.

Natalini remained indifferent to the place and tried to carry out a technically flawless project, according to the commissioner’s request.

The result is a building shaped like a parallelepiped, whose size is the result of the purely functional calculation of the required spaces and the choice of laying out these spaces on three floors follows the rules of tested and tried office buildings.

The functional box that came out of this is covered with mirror glass panels, on which thin black neoprene strings draw a checkerboard into which the clear, opening windows of the offices are cut.

The massive structural cage that is separated from the glass surfaces on the outside stands like an open-face skeleton: 12 large concrete frames linked by strong triangular-section beams define the image of the building.

The structural cage, which also acts like a sunscreen, is embellished with a horizontal-striped stone covering, which results from the contrast between polished grey serizzo and clear granite from Sardegna.

The slabs have been assembled by means of a refined system of hooks and pins, without concrete: so, an air space between the covering and the wall and thin gaps between slabs are left, which allow the structures to be continuously ventilated. The building lies along the diagonal of the lot and consequently presents a strongly shortened view from the road, which enhances the plastic reliefs and the plane gaps and underlines its monumental isolation.

How to get there:
By car: State Road SS342

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Telephone: +39 031.634111
Fax: +39 031.619594
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