Via Turati, 12 - 20090 CESANO BOSCONE (MI)
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Mauro Galantino’s project is one of the three winners of the call for tenders "Tre chiese per Milano 2000", called in 1989 with the purpose of guaranteeing, through an open competition, a quality architectural product. Since the very beginning, one of the problems in planning and designing the complex was, according to the architect, to create a micro-urbanization in a place without design of public spaces. Because of this and other problems, the project has passed through four different versions.

The key element of the project, in all of the four versions, is the parvis, an open, yet protected space, raised from the road level and a connection element between the church and the town. The three main elements of the complex overlook this open space: the church, the weekday chapel and the bell-tower, all of them being designed in a rational style and with double attention paid to the liturgical needs and the use of light.

The main issue of the whole complex is the mix of simple volumes and ever new and evocative prospective effects of the internal and external spaces. The church, which varies in height, features a ceiling that is partly coffered (after a modern restyling) and partly open zenithally, above the presbytery standing on a raised platform, for an evocative lighting of the liturgical center. The altar is a copy of a table by Piero Bottoni (an architect of the Milanese rationalism movement) made of concrete, which underlines the sacred intimacy of the Eucharistic celebration.

The weekday chapel can be accessed from the church through a light blue corridor. Inside, the Greek-cross structure, clearly visible from outside, is shaped like an “L”, since it only occupies two arms of the cross; the two other arms are roofless spaces that let light in from above with charmingly cozy effects.

The bell-tower, the third important element of the complex, stands on the other side of the parvis with respect to the chapel. It is a short, hollow tower, characterized by plays of volumes, the clever use of the light, and contrasts between volumes and voids.

Basically, three materials have been used: bricks, which help to make a link with the town; open-face concrete, which stresses the functionality of structures; glass, which is an evocative tool for driving light and looks.

How to get there:
By car: A50; State road SS494;
Overground lines 321-322

Public opening hours:
8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Useful information:
Telephone: 02/48601020

Il pregio della misura, in Chiesa oggi n. 49, 2001

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