Rampa della Lanterna - 16100 GENOVA (GE)
Source of photograph: Carola Merello
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The Lighthouse promenade is the new pedestrian path connecting the town to the Lanterna, the Genoa harbour lighthouse, long since elected to symbol of the city. The Lighthouse stands at the mouth of the natural inlet sheltering the old harbour, on what remains of the ancient Capodifaro promontory which for a long time separated the town centre from the Sampierdarena area. The promenade, which allows the lighthouse to be reached on foot from the ferry terminal without interfering with the bustling dock area, is a continuation of Genoa’s ancient access route from the west, the so-called ‘Tagliata della Lanterna’, (or lighthouse ‘cutting’, because of being partly entrenched).
This route, which followed a stretch of the 17th century fortified walls, skirted the steep promontory towards the ‘Porta della Lanterna’ (lighthouse gateway). The town’s western approach was partly modified following the annexation of Genoa to the Kingdom of Sardinia and in 1827 King Charles Albert had the New Port built, with a vehicular access road crossing through it. From the end of the 1800’s onwards, the Capodifaro promontory was progressively eroded to improve links between the town and the West, and to use the excavated material for the new port construction works. Display lecterns along the way provide visitors with historical and other interesting information on the loading and unloading of cargoes at the dockside over the centuries.

In creating the Museum and Lighthouse promenade, Genoa has repossessed a monument which for a long time, due to its location within the dockland area, was emarginated from the city and its road system. Transforming the area surrounding the lighthouse into an urban park contributed to the wider redevelopment project, concluded in 2004 with the restoration of the Savoy fortifications, which once housed the garrison guarding the ‘Nuova Porta’ (new gateway).
The promenade, in the form of a walkway, follows the old access road to the town and serves the double purpose of providing an entrance to the Lanterna (opened to the public in 1995) and a fascinating view of port activities which otherwise would not be visible. The walkway is about 800 mt long: after climbing the first 100 mt, a stepped section made by using a zinc-coated metal structure and wood decking, one reaches a large tree-shaded rest area fitted with benches, where the CULMV dockworkers association building - also housing the port’s ‘call centre’ - stands. The path winds on through the old gateway area of the Lanterna, and then doubles back, climbing alongside the still-standing part of the 17th century walls, to join the ramp leading to the lighthouse by means of a bridge spanning the demolished walls. Climbing on, one reaches the Savoy fortifications, the park and the Lighthouse Museum, standing next to Domenico Chiodo’s Nuova Porta. The Lanterna promenade project (arch. A. Marenco, Studio 4 and Studio Associato Architettiriuniti) was amongst the finalists in the 1995-2003 ‘ Gold Medal for Italian Architecture’ award (‘first work’ category) at the Milan Triennale, was selected by DARC for the ‘Mobilitaly’ multimedia installation at the 2003 Rotterdam Biennial and for the 2003 V Biennale "Metropole" at San Paolo in Brazil.

How to get there:
By car: exit A10 Genoa-Ventimiglia at Genoa-Ovest, direction Ferry Terminal (ferry terminal car-park)
By train: Genoa Piazza Principe FFS railway station and then underground, direction Brin (Di Negro station)
By bus: from the west nos. 1 - 9 - 2 direction Caricamento (stop at Buozzi2/Metrò Di Negro or Francia/Sopraelevata) from the east nos. 1 - 9 direction Sampierdarena (Buozzi2/Metrò Di Negro stop).
The Lighthouse can only be reached on foot, along the promenade ("passeggiata della Lanterna") which starts in Via Milano, between the ferry Terminal Shopping Centre car park and the Columbus Sea hotel.

Modern architecture in the surrounding areas:
Lighthouse Museum (Museo della Lanterna)

Public opening hours:
Access is free during park opening hours (from 8 a.m. to sunset) and in the evenings when special events are being held.
As well as the promenade, during opening hours it is possible to reach the large square beneath the Lanterna (‘lantern’) lighthouse and park next to the fortifications. On weekends and holidays, visits to the Lighthouse are subject to booking.

Useful information:
Telephone: 010.910001

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